Armored car rental in Brussels

Discover our stock of armored vehicles available for rent in Brussels and everywhere in Belgium!

Mercedes S Guard and BMW Serie 7 High Security

Rent an armoured car in Brussels? It is possible!

At Aristocar, we focus on exclusivity. That's why you will find new vehicles and exclusive for special customers.

If necessary, our team will take care of the entire transportation in order to arrive at your destination safely. For that, we propose an escort of several vehicles as well as a two-tone siren for your best comfort.

Our armoured vehicles for hire

Our Mercedes S Guard B7 are the armoured versions of the Mercedes S-Class, with a V12 engine developing 612 hp.
Multi-layer glazing resistant to shrapnel or explosions is also present.
With the full list of options available for an S-Class, the weight of our armored vehicles is around 5 tons.

We also have BMW Serie 7 High Security. Equipped with VR7 armouring on the windows and VR9 armouring (highest level of protection) in pure steel for the body.  


The characteristics of our armoured vehicles

Their engines

Both have the largest engines in the world, the V12s producing 612bhp for the Mercedes and 544bhp for the BMW.

Their options

What you need to know is that the interior of our vehicles is designed primarily for safety, but also for comfort. Before being pure steel sedans, they are the most comfortable sedans in the world!

You'll find all the comfort you'd expect from an S-Class or a basic 7-Series. But if you have a good eye, you'll see some differences....

For this, you will find as an option on our vehicles : An intercom system, one emergency escape button, flashing lights attached to the bodywork with a siren, Blue flashing LEDs all over the vehicle.

The shielding

The armouring of the vehicles completely covers the car. This allows the vehicle to withstand explosive charges, as well as bullet impacts thanks to the 6cm thick multi-layer glass.

They have a long wheelbase, so they are the longest versions on the market, to allow pure steel armouring for the whole body, as well as multi-layered windows. The armouring makes them the safest cars in the world in case of an armed attack.

Although the entire bodywork comes out unscathed in the event of an attack, this is not the case for the tyres. The tyres can be punctured, but the Michelin tyres fitted to our vehicles can be used for up to 30 km with a complete flat tyre. It is also important to know that these vehicles are equipped with an anti-puncture device as well as an anti-puncture kit equipped with a pressure and temperature sensor.

Why rent an armoured car?

Are you a public figure, a star, a businessman, or a threatened ambassador? You will benefit from all the security advantages that an armoured car can bring you.

Transport in a security team

Would you like to feel even safer when travelling in Brussels or Belgium? At Aristocar, you can order a protection team with an escort with flashing lights and sirens. If necessary, we can also provide you with additional bodyguards.

Renting an armoured car, but under what conditions?

Our armoured vehicles for hire Mercedes S Guardare available for hire for companies requiring large passenger transport, in order to ensure safe transport. Our solution is suitable for embassiesas well as the transport of public figures or even stars.

If necessary, several drivers can be put at your disposal.
If you are a private customer, you can only use this vehicle with a private driver.



Our armoured vehicles for hire

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